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Small Scale Miniatures

pothead groupPOTHEADS

Our “Potheads” mini-kits  can be done in a snap.  Perfect for the beginner…they will look great on the front porch of your full scale dollhouse!   Kits include instructions and printed paper details, along with our own flower pots.   You don’t need to worry about painting the faces….they are printed on sticker paper and just stick right on!

Height ranges from 1/2″ for the small bat to 3″ for the toy soldier. Note:  Scroll down to the bottom to see the bats in 1/4″ scale…tiny!!!

#3301 $4.75
Potted Santa  
#3304  $4.75
Angelique Angel (and friend)  
She’s little, so you get 2 in this kit
#3307  $4.75
Snow Guy 
#3302  $4.75
Soldier Boy 
santa pot img  angel img  sno guy img  soldier pots img 
#3308   $4.75
Potted Turkey
#3303   $4.75
Peter Pilgrim  
#3309   $4.75
Priscilla Pilgrim
#3305   $4.70
Barnabus Bat and friend 
#3306   $4.75
Potted Chick  
turkey pot img  pilgrims img  bats img  potted chick img 
#3310  $30.00  “Got Pots” Set  

Includes 4.25″ glass dome with walnut base
PLUS  5 pothead kits, risers, sign, green “mat”

#3311  $4.00 
Bitty Bats   very tiny…. you get two
got pots img  quarter scale bats img