Little Figures For Your Projects

We have a nice selection of 1/4″ scale metal figures.
These come unpainted, but can easily be painted to suit your needs using acrylic craft paints.
Just spray with a primer and do your thing.
With a little imagination, you can change these
to suit your needs.

These painted resin figures are just right
to live in your completed Gnome Homes!
Sorry….direct sales only….no retail discount

Mrs. Polliwaddle
(1.190″ tall)
#FM1     $7.50
Oliver Ollliwock
(1.110″ tall)
#FM2     $7.50
Harry Humpleweed
(1.320″ tall)
#FM3     $7.50
Tiny Tinkerdink
(1.150″ tall)
#FM4     $7.50
(1.250″ tall)
#FM5     $7.50
Willie Winkelberry
(1.190″ tall)
#FM6     $7.50