For the Small Scale Miniaturist.... 

Our Project Kits are designed with a bit of whimsy, plenty of great details and easy to follow instructions.  All kits come complete as shown in their individual photos.  Many are designed to be displayed in your own 5" x 7" photo frame.

Once you have made a few of the projects, you may want to branch out on your own.  We have a huge assortment of windows, doors, trims, accessories in the small scales.

grannys goodies img grannys garden img
City Sidewalks Series:  1/4" Scale
Take a walk along Main Street and check out our shops!

Cliff's Streetcar Diner
Granny's Goodies Bake Shop
Polly's Playhouse Miniatures Shop

Back  Yard Gardens Series:  1/4" Scale
See what's happening in the back yard

Granny's Garden
Gramps' Workshop

polliwaddle img cindy img
Faerie Hill Lane Series:  1/4" Scale
Little gnome houses that just make you smile

Namfoodle's Gnome Home
Mrs. Polliwaddle's Home
Willie Winkelberry's
Oliver Ollywock's Place
Harry Humpleweed's House

Fairyland Series:  1/4" Scale
From the fairy tales you loved as a child

Hansel and Gretel: BEWARE!
Cindy, You're Late
Run, Red, Run
SO MANY FROGS, so little time
The Three Bears B&B
The Three Little Kittens (Mama Cat's Pies)
NEW! The Three Pigs Building Emporium and Garden Supply

halloween img banana img
Seasonings Series:  1/4" Scale
Little houses decked out for the seasons

Mummy's Watching (Halloween)
Photos with Santa (Christmas)
Snickerdoodle Lane (December)  NEW!
Crow's Landing (autumn)
Melon Manor (summer)

The Fruit Belt Series:  1/4" Scale
Remembering the 50's roadside architecture

Apple Annie's Apple Shack
Bernie's Banana Split

 deli img willow glen img

Dome Series:  1/4" Scale
Scenes that fit into a 3-1/2" dome

Aunt Martha's Window (basic)
Aunt Martha's Christmas
Victorian Christmas
Clampett's Country Store
Garden Wedding
Gazebo Kit (basic)
Wanda's Halloween Night

Bomberger's Deli
Kringle's Christmas Shoppe
Jax and Jill's Toy Shop
Forget Me Not Flower Shop

The Crossings Series:
Dollhouses for your 1" scale dollhouse

Deer Creek
Sugar Maple
Willow Glen
Sandy Shores Beach House
Little Red School House
Toad Hollow (mushroom)
Little Apple Annie (apple)
Pumpkin Hollow (pumpkin)
Lizzie's Lemon Drop (lemon)
Spooky Hollow  NEW!

potheads img arch collage img

(for 1" Scale Dollhouses)
Miscellaneous Accessories
for small scales!

"Pothead" kits, flower pots, gingerbread guys, milk cans, barrels, sacks, iron bed frame, street clock, parking meters, potbelly stoves...AND MORE!

Architectural Details
for small scales
1/2", 1/4", S, HO, N
who would like to
hang out in your projects

ladies and gents (unpainted), 
happy little gnomes and a few animals
gnome asst

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