1/4″ Scale – Faerie Hill Lane Kit

These project kits take you to an imaginary land where little gnomes run free.

The kits come complete with everything needed to complete your scene, from the pre-formed “mound”, right down to the tiny mail in the mailbox! Our easy to follow instructions lead you through the steps, and we also supply hints for working with our materials. These kits are designed to fit flat inside a standard 5” x 7” picture frame.

If you need little folks to occupy these cottages, click here.  We have six little gnomes to match with your project.

grandt line products#3430 Namfoodle’s Gnome Home $36.95
Skill level:  Intermediate

Namfoodle’s is made with pre-formed plastic walls and placed on a foam “mound”. You will use our detailing parts to give this cottage its fairyland charm. Finished size is 5” x 7”.
grandt line products#3432 Mrs. Polliwaddle’s Home $36.95
Skill level:  Intermediate

Like Namfoodle’s, this cute little cottage is made with pre-formed plastic walls and placed on a foam mound. We supply all the landscaping materials and detail parts to make the project as shown–even some tiny flower pots for the front porch and the mail for the mailbox! Finished size is 5” x 7”.
grandt line productsKit #3431   Oliver Ollywock’s Place   $36.95
Skill level:  Intermediate

Ollie’s Place looks great as a companion piece to Namfoodle’s. The cottage walls are made from a plastic cup (included in our kit), which makes it simple to create. We’ve added loads of details, including our own windows and doors. There is plenty of landscaping material to plant in the pre-formed foam “ground” which is supplied. Just for fun, we’ve added a tiny birdhouse that mimics the cottage and a little sign to place out front.We’ve set the roof a bit off center to give this cottage a whimsical feel. Keep in mind that gnomes are little people, so the house reflects their size.Again, the project base is designed to fit flat into a 5″ x 7″ picture frame. The house is 6-1/2″ tall (that’s including the cool roof).
grandt line productsKit #3433 Willie Winkelberry’s $36.95
Skill level:  Intermediate

Willie is a frugal little gnome….his house is constructed from a recycled water bottle (included) and he has a thatched roof. There are polka dot awnings over the windows, an entry door with a curved top, a mailbox for Willie’s fan mail and lots of colorful landscaping stuff. If you wish, the back can be cut open to allow for interior decor (you’re on your own for this).As usual, we supply all the materials you need to make the scene as shown, including thorough instructions, templates and a photo. Finished size of the house is 3″ x 6″, finished size of the project is 6″ x 8″…made to display in a standard 5″ x 7″ picture frame.
grandt line productsKit #3434 Harry Humpleweed’s House $36.95
Skill level:  Intermediate

Harry Humpleweed’s House is No. 5 in our series of gnome homes.  This quaint little cottage is made from a cut-away gourd, with preformed styrene architectural pieces, a sliced gourd porch roof, a cobblestone walkway, and a barrel shaped mailbox with tiny letters to place inside.In this project, you will cut the gourd using our templates, give character to the house with pre-molded windows and doors, and add the finishing touches with landscaping materials. The finished project measures 5” x 7”.  Note: Other than giving you flooring material for the upstairs, we did not plan anything for the interior of the house—you are on your own for that and can let your imagination take you where it will.  The little Harry on the LH side of the photo is not included in the kit, but is available separately.