O Scale – Parts from GL Locomotive Kit 93065

grandt line productsIndividual parts from Kit #93065 Porter 8 Ton 0-4-0 Saddle Tank

These items may be available  as separate items or by the bag.

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Part# Description Qty
3065-01 complete bag #1 (includes the following)
3065-1 a.  frame
b.  retainer straps
c.  sander pipe clamp
3065-2 a.  front pilot beam
b.  rear pilot beam
3065-3 a.  brake shoe assy
b.  left brake actuating arm
c.  right brake actuating arm
d.  15″ draw bar
e.  valve lever
f.  center frame tie-plate
g.  main rod front pivot pins
h.  crank pin caps
i.  spare main rod front pivot pin
j.  cross head
k.  coupling pins
m.  cock for steam line to lubricator, steam gauge
n.  brake hanger support
p.  2-56 screw
r.  outside valve lever bearing
s.  inside valve lever bearing
3065-4 cylinder saddle 1
3065-5 cylinders 1
3065-6 a.  cylinder spacer block
b.  steam chest
c.  steam chest cover
d.  piston rod stuffing box
e.  builders plate
f,g  valve rod stuffing box
h.  rear cylinder cap
i.  front cylinder cap
3065-7 a.  firebox left lower side
b.  right lower side
c.  lower front section
d.  lower rear section
e.  left upper side
f.  right upper side
g.  upper front section
h.  assembly fixture
3065-8 cab floor 1
3065-9 a.  cab sub-floor
b.  cylinder retaining plates
c.  front cab braces
d.  steam dome vent flange
e.  fire door shade
3065-10 a.  tank retainer blocks
b.  rear motor mount
c.  front motor hold-down
d.  rear boiler retainer clip
e.  front tool box
3065-11 draw head 1
3065-12 a.  front foot board
b.  rear foot board
c,d  front frame braces
e,f  rear frame braces
127 1-1/2″ hex nut 1
3065-02 complete bag #2 (includes the following)
3065-17  tank wrapper  
3065-18 a.  tank front
b.  front tank braces
c.  tank water-hatch cover
3065-19 a.  tank rear
b.  left side tank step
3065-26 a.  stack
b.  bottom flange
c.  intermedian flange
d.  bottom funnel
e.  top funnel
f.  top flange w/screen
3065-33 a.  main rod
b.  coupling rod
c.  piston rod
d.  crosshead guide
e.  valve rod
3065-35 sand dome  
3065-37 tank water hatch base  
3065-03 complete bag #3 (includes the following)
3065-28 a.  boiler backhead
b.  gauge cock dripper
c.  throttle rod stuffing box
d.  number plate
3065-29 Pemberthy injector with feed, delivery, overflow pipes
b.  injector steam pipe/valve body
c.  gauge cock
d.  fire door handle
e.  valve, rear section of blower pipe
f.  front section of blower pipe
g.  30″ draw bar
h.  cab rear handrails
3065-30 a.  throttle
b.  tallow pot
c.  engineer’s oil can
3065-31 a.  brake hand lever, quadrant
b.  reverse lever
c.  brake lever retainer quadrant
d.  toothed reverse quadrant
e.  pivot pin
f.  reverse shaft arm assy
3065-32 a.  headlight shelf
b.  cross-head guide yoke
c.  left cylinder cock lever
d.  right cylinder cock lever
e,f  cylinder cock connecting rods
g.  upper waterglas fitting
h.  lower w/g fitting, drain valve
i.   ramp operated cylinder cock
j.   smoke box door latch handle
k.   lubricator bracket
m.  tank hand-rail
3065-34 a.  sanding pipes
b.  whistle
c.  sanding valve lever assy
d.  sanding rod handle
e.  extra eyebolts
f.  eyebolts, clamps
g.  cylinder cock lever shaft
h.  brake lever shaft
3065-36 a.  lubricator
b.  lubricator handle
c.  cyl cock control handle
3065-38 a.  seat box front
b.  seat box rear
c,d  seat box sides
e.  fuel bunker end
f.  fuel bunker brace
g.  seat
39 valve handles 1
105 a.  bell bracket
b.  bell bracket base
c.  bell trunnion
d.  bell
3065-04 complete bag #4 (includes the following)
3065-20 cab front 1
3065-21 cab rear with window sashes 1
3065-22 cab right 1
3065-23 cab left 1
3065-24 cab roof 1
3065-05 complete bag #5  (includes the following)
3065-15 boiler lower half 1
3065-16 smoke box half 1
3065-25 smoke box front 1
3065-27 a.  rear boiler w/dome base
b.  dome top
c.  dome vent pipe
d.  steam gauge
e.  steam gauge mounting flange
3065-07 complete bag #7  (includes the following)
.010″ wire use for lubricator supply pipe, oil delivery pipe, lubricator drain pipe, waterglass drain, cylinder cock control rod, steam gauge syphon 8″
nylon fishing line 2″
tubing insulated tubing 1-1/2″
.008 wire bronze wire for bell rope 4″
copper wire tinned copper wire 10″
bronze strips use for pickups .005″ x .032″ 2
3065-09 complete bag #9  (includes the following)
3065-40 a.  1889 sand dome base
b.  round water hatch base
3065-41 a.  1889 steam dome top
b.  1889 steam dome bottom
c.  1889 sand dome body
d.  1889 sand dome lid
e.  1889 sand dome ball handle
f.  round water hatch lid
g.  no. 2 number plate
3065-42 1889 left cab side (2 panel) 1
3065-43 1889 right cab side (2 panel) 1