OK….so here’s the scoop

The new owners of our line of products will be The San Juan Model Co. in Colorado.   

•  This is a new company to be formed by Bob Stears and Doug Junda.

•  They are purchasing the entire line, with the exception of our Miniatures Kits.  

•  We expect to say farewell to the truckload of stuff sometime in September.

•  In the meantime, we are still producing parts as needed so that Liz can fill your orders as fast as she can.  Not an easy task, so give her time to take care of you!  Progress is slow, but she’s doing her best to get through the piles of orders on her desk.

•  If you need to contact us regarding your order, please do not call….the best way to reach us is to send an email.
That way, Liz can fill your orders, rather than answer the phone all day.   She may not answer right away, but she does look at the emails daily.

•  There may be some treasures left at the end of summer that you might just have to have.  Check the Garage Sale page for these.
We seem to have a fair amount of brass castings that will be listed when we get a chance….along with other things.

Oh, yeah…..For you miniaturists, 

Liz and Phyllis will be at the Showcase of Miniatures in San Jose in October with leftover mini things you might want…in addition to Phyllis’ display models for all the Miniatures kits that we make.    If you need a “ready-made” gnome house, this is your chance!
Be sure to drop by to say “hello and goodbye” if you are there!


  Just a reminder.  All sales are final.


Thanks again for your  loyalty and kind words during this changing of the guard.  You guys are great!

Continue to check out our Garage Sale page for things we find lying around that you might be dying to
have!  We’ll add things as we find them.  


After 60 plus years in the hobby industry, the Grandts are calling it quits.

Thank you to all of you for your friendship and patronage over the years…we will certainly miss visiting with you and hearing about your amazing projects!

We hope to shut the doors in June …..but will accept new orders through May 1, 2018.  After that, we will sell only stock on hand.  So….if you need some of our “stuff”, be sure to give Liz a call sooner, rather than later.

We plan to attend the shows listed on our calendar, in one capacity or another…..so we may see you there.

Again, thanks for being such loyal customers and friends.  It has been a good run.


Dave, Liz, Phyllis, Peter, Mary and Jessie



Look for us at these upcoming shows