1/4″ Scale (1:48 or O Scale) Model Railroading

Note:  For O scale windows, doors, trim, etc.  see “Architecture” tab in menu

O Scale Gold Belt Structure Kits

1/4″ Scale Metal People–unpainted

O Scale Rolling Stock and Loco Kits

O Scale Locomotive Detail Parts

  • Miscellaneous Loco Details
  • Details from our HK PORTER kits:  These are the parts list…Please call for availability.  Not all parts are available, and no new production runs will be made.
    • Parts from our #3060 Porter 18 Ton 0-4-0 Saddle Tank kit  click here
    • Parts  from  our #3062 Porter 18 Ton 0-4-0 ST Rectangular Side Tank  Kit   click here
    • Parts  from our #3063 Porter 15 ton 0-4-0 Locomotive with Tender Kit  click here
    • Parts from our #3064 Porter 800 Gallon Auxiliary Tender  click here
    • Parts from our #3065 Porter 8 ton 0-4-0 Saddle Tank kit click here
    • Cab detail parts for our Porter kits   click here

O Scale Car Detail Parts

  • Miscellaneous  Car Details (underbody hardware, brake fittings,  etc.)  click here
  • Box Car, Stock Car, Reefer and Tank Car Details  click here
  • Cabooses, Flats and Gon Details click here
  • Passenger, Outfit Car and Combine Details  click here
  • O Scale  Wheels and Trucks  click here

 O Scale Trackside Details

  • Switch stands, barrels, baggage carts, etc  click here

Miscellaneous Hardware