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Dad at his “oh, so orderly” work bench

Ours is a small, family owned and operated business located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It was begun over 60 years ago by Cliff Grandt and he could be found at the shop on a daily basis until he passed away in 2002, at the ripe old age of 89.  The business is run today by his son Dave and daughters Liz and Phyllis.   With Robert’s R/Robb Ltd., all four of the Grandt “kids” are involved in Cliff’s legacy.  Check out Remembering Dad.




grandt line products


Sadly, our brother Robert Grandt passed away late in 2014.  He played an active role in the model railroad hobby and, with Cliff and Dave, was instrumental in the beginnings of Grandt Line.

Robert and his partner Russ Simpson eventually established their own company, R/Robb Ltd., under which they produced several craftsman model kits in HO scale.  Robert’s interest in photography led him to publish a number of photographic reference books for modellers and railroad enthusiasts … most notably the thirteen volumes of Narrow Gauge Pictorial.  Ebay is probably in mourning :0).




Honors and Awards

Through the years we are proud to have received many honors from hobby organizations.  Take a look….click here

Our Products

At Grandt Line, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and  accurate research in the design of our products.  About 98% of our line is manufactured on the premises.  Proto-types for our components are thoroughly researched, using measurements from photos, actual parts and blueprints whenever possible.  Our parts are as accurate as our information and the manufacturing process permit.  As raw material, we use post-consumer recycled plastics and we regrind our own waste plastic for re-use.

Our Manufacturing Process

Our products are injection molded, using metal molds  created in house.  For a good look around the shop, click here! To see how the parts are made, click here.

Here we are….now you can put a face to a name when you give us a call!

Grandt Line Products



Grandt Line Products



Grandt Line Products



Grandt Line Products

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Grandt Line Products

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