Our Manufacturing Process

How our parts are made….

Our products are injection molded, using metal molds which are created in house.   Today, our molds are engraved by computer….but back in the day, things were done differently.

Grandt Line Products


Here is how we made our parts  pre-computer.

Step 1:  Research Step 2:  Plaster master
grandt line products

Prototype seat end

Cliff’s onsite sketch and dimension notes

grandt line products

Plaster master.
Note the finished part in the lower RH corner.


Step 3:  Making the die The finished die  and here is our 1/4″ scale seat end!
grandt line productsEngraving the mold using the pantograph

grandt line productsBrass die with die block

 grandt line products


Here are our presses…

We use both automatic and hand operated injection molding machines to run the parts. Many of our older parts are done on the hand machines.  Tie plates running on an automatic machine

Grandt Line Products

One of our small injection machines

Grandt Line Products