Cab Detail Kits for Grandt Porter Locos

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Have a Bachman Porter?
You can enhance it with our details!

For 8 ton Porter locos

Kit #3065-03  $22.00

With over 100 pieces, Kit #3065-03 includes the following:
boiler backhead
steam gauge w/ mounting flange
steam gauge syphon, cock, handle
blower pipe
throttle, rod, stuffing box
oil delivery pipes
gauge cock, dripper
stuffing box
fire door handle
waterglass, drain and upper waterglass
Pemberly injector w/ feed, delivery, steam, overflow pipes,
lubricator, bracket, drain, supply cock, supply pipe, handle
brake hand lever, quadrant, reverse lever
misc valve handles
tallow pot, engineer’s oil can
seat box
fuel bunker
cab rear handrails, tank hand rail
sanding pipes, valve lever, rod handle
extra eyebolts, clamps
bell w/bracket, trunnion, base
30″ draw bar
headlight shelf
number plate
cross-head guide yoke
ramp operated cylinder cock,  levers, connecting rods, control lever
smoke box door latch handleand…drawings and instructions to aid in placemen
grandt line products

For 18 ton Porter locos
Kit #3061  $22.00

With over 75 pieces, Kit #3061 includes the following:
turret with appropriate valves to supply steam from the boiler to the various fittings;
gauge stand with a steam gauge and an air gauge,
gauge lamp, injectors, to supply water under pressure to the boiler,
water glass to indicate water level in the boiler (with three gauge cocks to double-check the water glass),
steam brake valve,
Lunkjenheimer single lubricator for lubricating the brake cylinders,
Detroit Sightfeed lubricator, with steam line, drain line,
sander valve handles,
throttle, reverse lever,
engineer’s seat  box,
fireman’s hinged seat
brass belland drawings, photos and instructions to aid in placement