1/4″ Scale – Backyard Gardens Kit

Backyard Treasures:  1/4″ Scale Kits

This Series of Project Kits depicts a scene you might find in the backyard of your favorite 1/4″ scale house.  These are “Stand Alone” projects and can be made as shown.  Alternatively, you could use the materials provided to place them in the backyard of your own 1/4″ scale house.  All materials (including landscaping and detailing items) are included in the kit.  You will need to provide your own paints,  glues and frame for display.  Full instructions are  included.

Kit #3407 Granny’s Garden Kit  $36.95
Skill level:  Intermediate

Grandt Line ProductsGrandt Line ProductsGranny’s garden shed is surrounded by a picket fence and lots of flowering plants. She has a window box along one side of the house and a primitive “garden angel” sign by the front door. Outside the fence is a clothesline, complete with windblown laundry held onto the line with tiny clothespins. In the yard are her pet chickens, a few birds and a birdhouse on a pole. Miscellaneous details to place around the shed are barrels, a ladder and a couple of garden tools. The building is constructed of sheet styrene, which you will cut using our templates, and Grandt Line windows, doors and details. The roof has paper shingles. Finished size of the project is 6” x 4”
Kit #3412 Gramps’ Workshop Kit   $36.95
Skill level:  Intermediate

Grandt Line ProductsGraGrandt Line Productsmps is really into birdhouses and his work is prominently displayed around his workshop area. While his part of the yard is not as neat as Granny’s, it is full of fun details–a collection of old wheels hanging on the wall, five birdhouses of various shapes sitting on poles, a barrel with a board on top where he has been painting one of the birdhouses, several birds to perch around the place, a “bird houses 4 sale” sign to place outside the rickety fence and a cat checking out the whole scenario. Extra details to place around the back of the building include barrels, rocks, weeds an a sawhorse.Gramp’s place is a bit easier to put together than Granny’s . The building is constructed from a Grandt Line building kit, with preformed walls, floor and roof. Finished size of the project is 6” x 4”.